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Welcome to the comprehensive spinal stenosis forum, provided completely free by The Cure Back Pain Network. This section is an interactive bulletin board dedicated to all of you who suffer from the ravages of spinal stenosis.

Here, you can share your own story, in an effort to raise public awareness about the plight of countless millions of back and neck pain patients around the world. This is your chance to talk about how spinal stenosis has affected your life and how you have battled it with treatments, and possibly, surgery. I have already written so much on this topic throughout the site and now, it is your turn.

Please take the time to write your own spinal stenosis story to share with fellow patients who desperately need some advice and guidance. Your experiences are valuable to those who are still lost when it comes to finding lasting relief. We are all brothers and sisters, united by our pain.

We thank you for your caring and your generous gesture of sharing.

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to send your story.

Your Spinal Stenosis Stories

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Spinal Stenosis Forum Guidelines

* Please include your age, diagnosed condition, treatment history and therapy results. Make a note of anything which worked for you and feel free to comment on what turned out to be a waste of time.

* Take your time and write a complete history of your pain. Your story will be read by huge numbers of patients, so make every word count.

* Please use a word processor and correct spelling and grammar before submission.

* Do not be worried about writing too much. There is no such thing. If it makes you feel better to write, then go for it. I want to hear it all and so do the site readers. This is always one of the most popular sections of the site.

* Please be truthful.

* Please do not name specific persons or entities in your story. Please do not submit telephone numbers, emails or links in your story. These will almost always be removed.

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